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 +======1876-CC 10c SMPD-001======
 +Two 6s are misplaced in the gown to the right of the bottom of the LIBERTY ribbon. The slight curve of the bottom of a misplaced 7 is between the end of the ribbon and the shield below the Y in LIBERTY. \\
 +**Cross References:​** FS-301, OBV 3, F-111. \\
 +**Die Markers:** \\
 +**Obverse:​** **Stage A:** None known. **Stage B:** Die crack formed from the rim at 12 o'​clock through the Liberty Cap and into OF. \\
 +**Reverse:​** Reverse is doubled die reverse SDDR-002 Stage C through D with doubling on ONE DIME. Numerous die cracks throughout the wreath. Die crack goes through the top of the CC mintmark into the wreath. Die crack runs from the leftmost leaf north into the bottom of the wheat ear. Die crack runs north from the top of the corn on the right reverse into the leaf above. \\
 +Submitted by: Tanner Scott
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