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 +======1878 $1 SDDR-003======
 +7 feather reverse over 8 feather reverse. 7/5 Feathers. Doubling to the south on the tail feathers, the arrows and olive branch, the legs and talons, and the wreath bow. \\
 +**Cross References:​** VAM-39 \\
 +**Die Markers:** \\
 +**Obverse:​** Die clash marks below the chin, through the lips, and behind the head. Strong die gouge runs from the second cotton leaf and through the cap. Long die scratch through the RTY in LIBERTY. Fourth right star has a broken point. \\
 +**Reverse:​** Thin die cracks through the tops of the MERIC in AMERICA, the bottoms of the LLAR in DOLLAR, and the tops of the TED in UNITED. Short die scratch to the left of the D in GOD. \\
 +Submitted by: Tanner Scott
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