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 +======1879-S $1 SRPD-001======
 +Date was rotated CCW between punches. 18 repunched to the northeast and 79 repunched to the southwest. \\
 +**Cross References:​** VAM-17 & VAM-18 \\
 +**Die Markers:** \\
 +**Obverse:​** Die scratch between the fifth and sixth star. Die scratch between the seventh star and the E in E PLURIBUS UNUM. Die scratch above the right side of the N in UNUM. Die scratch between the U and M in UNUM. Short die scratch extends from the hair to the left of the tenth star. Die scratch below the eye. Die scratches behind the upper hair curl. \\
 +**Reverse:​** Reverse is SRPM-001, S/S South in upper loop. Many N-S die scratch to the left of the eagle. Die scratches on the eagle'​s neck and in the right wing-neck gap. \\
 +Submitted by: Tanner Scott
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