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 +======1951 Peru 5 Centavos CROD-001======
 +Possible 1951/0 overdate. What could be the upper right curve of a 0 to the right of the 1. Unusually heavy and isolated die abrasion to the neck near the possible 0 could mean die makers attempted, unsuccessfully,​ to remove the 0. Overlays also show the curve to be in the right location to be from the date on a 1950 obverse die. \\
 +**Die Markers:** \\
 +**Obverse:​** Old die scratches behind the head. Die gouge to the right of the C in REPUBLICA. \\
 +**Reverse:​** Die gouge touches the top right of the V in CENTAVOS. \\
 +Submitted by: Tanner Scott
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