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-======2005-P MN 25c CRDR-012====== 
-Doubling of the target tree to the east. \\ 
-**Cross-References:​** DDR-040, WDDR-040 
-**Die Markers:** \\ 
-**Obverse:​** Die chip on designers initials JF. Strong die crack on the base of the bust. Die gouge below the U in TRUST. \\ 
-**Reverse:​** Die crack through the top of 2005. Die crack extends NW from the top right of the state outline to the rim. Die crack curves NE from the right side of the grass strip. Die gouges to the left of the top of the two trees left of the target tree. Die gouge to the left of the seated fishermans knee. \\ 
-Submitted by: Tanner Scott 
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