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-======2009 1c FY CRDR-007====== 
-The index finger is doubled far to the north just below the thumb. \\ 
-**Cross References:​** FS-807, DDR-012, WDDR-016, 1DR-082. \\ 
-**Die Markers:** \\ 
-**Obverse: Stage A:** WDDR-016a. Die scratch runs NE from the top left of the Y in LIBERTY. **Stage B:** WDDR-016b. Stage A marker still present. Die crack runs SW-NE thorugh the hair on the back of the head. Die crack runs NW through the eyebrow into the forehead. Die gouge NE of the 9 in the date. **Stage C:** Same as Stage B. \\ 
-**Reverse: Stage A:** WDDR-016a. Short die scratch runs SE from the C in AMERICA. **Stage B:** WDDR-016b. Stage A marker still present. Die chip on Lincoln'​s shoulder. Short die crack runs NE from the N in ONE. **Stage C:** Stage A marker weak but still present. Stage B markers still present. Large die chip on upper left of the E in ONE. \\ 
-Submitted by: David Curfman 
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