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-======2013-P MD 25c CRDR-006====== 
-Doubling to the west on the right side of both firework bursts and two of the lower stripes of the flag. Very similar to CRDR-005 except the doubling on the fireworks is weaker and the doubled stripes are stronger. Does not have slight doubling on the wall, unlike CRDR-005. \\ 
-**Die Markers:** \\ 
-**Obverse:​** Die crack runs across the bust above the designers initials JF with two die chips just left of the J and another die chip far right of the F. Die chip on the bust above the E in QUARTER. Die gouge below the right side of the M in AMERICA. \\ 
-**Reverse:​** Die gouge below the EN in McHENRY. Die chip or gouge touches the bottom of one of the shorter, lower-left firework bursts. Two die gouges between the roof of the fort and the firework bursts. \\ 
-Submitted by: Tanner Scott 
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