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-======2013-P NV 25c CRDR-002====== 
-Doubling to the west on most of the tree branches and limbs near the center. Sparse, lesser doubling further away from the center. \\ 
-**Cross References:​** DDR-003, WDDR-003 \\ 
-**Die Markers:** \\ 
-**Obverse:​** **Stage A:** Die gouge between the U and N in UNITED. Die gouge southwest of the G in GOD. **Stage B:** Die gouge between U and N no longer present. Die gouge near G still present. New die gouge inside the U in UNITED. \\ 
-**Reverse:​** **Stage A:** Die gouge below the lower branches on the lower right limb. **Stage B:** Same as Stage A. \\ 
-Submitted by: Tanner Scott 
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