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-======2015-P 10c CRDR-002====== 
-Extra thickness from E-W on E PLURIBUS UNUM, the torch, the branches, and the leaves. Very similar to CRDR-003, compare doubling and die markers. \\ 
-**Die Markers:** \\ 
-**Obverse:​** Die chips on the nose, the cheek, the back of the lips, the eyebrow, the ear, and the hair above the ear. Die gouge above the right side of the U in TRUST. Die gouge in the very top of the hair. Die gouge to the left of the T in LIBERTY. \\ 
-**Reverse:​** Many die cracks and chips on the bottom of the torch. Die crack runs from the bottom of the oak branch to the M in DIME. Die cracks in the upper olive leaves. Die gouge to the right of the top of the M in DIME. Die gouge to the right of the F in OF. \\ 
-Submitted by: Tanner Scott 
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