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 ======Welcome to CRDieVarieties!====== ======Welcome to CRDieVarieties!======
- +↓↓↓ See the Die Variety Listings below↓↓↓
-Blog and News Site (In Progress): [[http://​​|CLICK HERE!]] +
 =====Designations===== =====Designations=====
- +===5/​10/​2020 Update:===  
-^Designation ​     ^Die Variety ​     +<​blockquote>​ 
-CRDO | Doubled Die Obverse | +Out of respect to the late Billy G. Crawford and his contributions to the hobby, I will be changing the designation prefixes from CRDO to SDDO, CRDR to SDDR, and so on. Crawford used a similar naming system while he was active in the hobby with CDDO, CDDR, and CRPM being trademarks of his work. The new prefixes are displayed in the table below. Please allow a few days for the titles, links, and URLs to be changed over. Image filenames will not be changed to reflect the new designations. 
-CRDR | Doubled Die Reverse | +</​blockquote>​ 
-CROD | Overdate | +^Designation ​     ^Die Variety ^ 
-CRRD | Repunched Date | +SDDO | Doubled Die Obverse | 
-CRMD | Misplaced Date | +SDDR | Doubled Die Reverse | 
-CROM | Over Mintmark | +SOVD | Overdate | 
-CRRM | Repunched Mintmark | +SRPD | Repunched Date | 
-CRDN | Repunched Denomination | +SMPD | Misplaced Date | 
-| CRRV | Reverse Design Variations |+SOMM | Over Mintmark | 
 +SRPM | Repunched Mintmark | 
 +SRDV | Reverse Design Variations |
 =====Die Variety Listings:​===== =====Die Variety Listings:​=====
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 [[JN1|Jefferson Nickels (1938-2003)]] COMPLETE\\ [[JN1|Jefferson Nickels (1938-2003)]] COMPLETE\\
 [[WJN|Westward Journey Nickels (2004-2005)]] COMPLETE\\ [[WJN|Westward Journey Nickels (2004-2005)]] COMPLETE\\
-[[JN2|Jefferson Nickels (2006-present)]] ​COMPLETE\\+[[JN2|Jefferson Nickels (2006-present)]] \\
 [[SHD|Seated Liberty Half Dimes (1837-1873)]] COMPLETE\\ [[SHD|Seated Liberty Half Dimes (1837-1873)]] COMPLETE\\
 [[SED|Seated Liberty Dimes (1837-1891)]] COMPLETE\\ [[SED|Seated Liberty Dimes (1837-1891)]] COMPLETE\\
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 [[STQ|State Quarters (1999-2008)]] COMPLETE\\ [[STQ|State Quarters (1999-2008)]] COMPLETE\\
 [[DCT|DC and Territory Quarters (2009)]] COMPLETE\\ [[DCT|DC and Territory Quarters (2009)]] COMPLETE\\
-[[ATB|America the Beautiful Quarters (2010-present)]] COMPLETE\\+[[ATB|America the Beautiful Quarters (2010-2021)]] COMPLETE\\ 
 +[[CTD|Crossing the Delaware Quarters (2021)]] ​\\
 [[BHD|Barber Half Dollars (1892-1915)]] COMPLETE\\ [[BHD|Barber Half Dollars (1892-1915)]] COMPLETE\\
 [[WHD|Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916-1947)]] COMPLETE\\ [[WHD|Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916-1947)]] COMPLETE\\
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 [[CBM|U.S. Mint Commemoratives,​ Bullion, and Medals]] COMPLETE\\ [[CBM|U.S. Mint Commemoratives,​ Bullion, and Medals]] COMPLETE\\
-====World Die Varieties ​COMPLETE====+====World Die Varieties====
 [[Argentina|Argentina]]\\ [[Argentina|Argentina]]\\
-[[Brazil|Brazil]] \\+[[Australia|Australia]]\\ 
 [[Canada|Canada]]\\ [[Canada|Canada]]\\
 [[Colombia|Colombia]]\\ [[Colombia|Colombia]]\\
 [[Germany|Germany]]\\ [[Germany|Germany]]\\
 [[Israel|Israel]]\\ [[Israel|Israel]]\\
 [[Luxembourg|Luxembourg]]\\ [[Luxembourg|Luxembourg]]\\
 [[NetherlandsEastIndies|Netherlands East Indies]]\\ [[NetherlandsEastIndies|Netherlands East Indies]]\\
 [[Peru|Peru]]\\ [[Peru|Peru]]\\
 +[[PolishLithuanianCommonwealth|Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth]]\\
 [[Portugal|Portugal]]\\ [[Portugal|Portugal]]\\
 [[Russia|Russia]]\\ [[Russia|Russia]]\\
 [[StraitsSettlements|Straits Settlements]]\\ [[StraitsSettlements|Straits Settlements]]\\
 [[Switzerland|Switzerland]]\\ [[Switzerland|Switzerland]]\\
 =====Contact===== =====Contact=====
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