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Templates and Syntax Help

See here for syntax.
When using the following templates change the items inside the “( )” and make sure to remove the parenthesis.
Delete all spaces at the left side of the template when copy-pasted.
Use “\\” to create a linebreak.
Leave a blank space where the templates say “*space*”.
To make text bold, put two asterisks on both sides of the desired text.

Date and Type Pages

Please arrange varieties in this order:
DDO, DDR, RPD, OVD, RPM, OMM, then other mintmark varieties.
You can change the size of the images by changing the number after the ? when you insert an image. Once you create a table for the listing you can click on the link created on the page to go to where the individual listing page is to be created.
Delete the cross-references section and the following line break if there are no cross-references.

======(Date) (Coin Type)  Die Varieties======
=====(Variety Type)===== 
^ Designation      ^ Description       ^ Image          ^
| [[(Date)(Denom)(Listing#)|(Listing#]]  | (Description of Variety) \\ \\ **Cross-References:** (Listings #s) \\ \\ **Die Markers:** \\ **Obverse:** (Obv Markers) \\ **Reverse:** (Rev markers) | (Image) |

Individual Listing Pages

======(Date) (Denom) (Listing #)======
(Description) \\
(Listing #s) \\
**Die Markers:** \\
**Obverse:** (Obv Markers) \\
**Reverse:** (Rev Markers) \\
Submitted by: (Name) \\
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