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2018-P RI 25c SDDR-003


The second feather above the horizon is doubled to the east.

Cross-References: DDR-003, WDDR-003/015

Die Markers:
Obverse: Stage A: None known. Stage B: Die gouge in front of the tip of the bust. Die gouges northwest and east of the R in DOLLAR. Die gouges in the field and in the hair left of the G in GOD. Die gouge between the C and A in AMERICA. Numerous die gouges in the upper hair. Die gouge inside the D in UNITED. Die gouge below the E in UNITED. Die gouge touches the top right of the N in UNITED.
Reverse: Stage A: Die break on the top of the heron. Stage B: New die break on the tail feathers. Die gouge below the S in ISLAND. Three die gouges in the field below the beak. Die gouge above the building.

Submitted by: Bernie Esguerra


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