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Germany Die Varieties

Papiermark (1914-1923)

200 Mark Varieties


Designation Description Image
CRDO-001 Class IV tripling on all outer lettering. Doubling is strongest on EINIGKEIT UND.

Die Markers:
Obverse: Many concentric die scratches through the outer lettering.
Reverse: NW-SE die scratch left of the M in MARK. Strong die scratches near the rim above the H in REICH.


Designation Description Image
CRRM-001 G/G/G/G West, Southwest, Southwest, and South.

Die Markers:
Obverse: Two die chips on the eagle's left wing.
Reverse: Strong die clash marks from the eagle through the M and K in MARK and the 20 in 200. Die scratches run from the last 0 in 200 to the RE in REICH.

Reichsmark (1924-1948)

10 Reichspfennig Varieties


Designation Description Image
CRDR-001 Close Class II doubling on the outer lettering and the leaves. Doubling is strongest on REICHSPFENNIG.

Die Markers:
Obverse: E-W die scratches through the date.
Reverse: Many die scratches run through the H in REICH, the G in REICHSPFENNIG, and the dots between them. N-S die scratches left of the 1.


Designation Description Image
CRDO-001 Close Class IV doubling on DEUTSCHES REICH and some of the lower leaves.

Die Markers:
Obverse: None known.
Reverse: None known.

Deutsche Mark (1948-2001)

2 Mark Varieties


Designation Description Image
CRDO-001 Light Class I doubling on 1949-1969, BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND, and dots.

Die Markers:
Obverse: Obverse is Theodor Heuss design.

Euro (2002-PRESENT)

2 Euro Varieties


Designation Description Image
CRDO-001 Spread to the north on the date, mintmark, talons, and the six stars from 4 to 9 o'clock.
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