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1952 Lincoln Wheat Cent Die Varieties

Doubled Die Obverses

Designation Description Image
SDDO-001 Cross-References: DDO-001, WDDO-001, 1DO-001.
Designation Description Image
SDDO-002 Doubling to the south on the TY in LIBERTY, the bowtie, the eyelid, and the second T in TRUST.

Cross-References: DDO-003

Die Markers:
Obverse: Strong die scratch below the G in GOD. Vertical die scratch in front of the forehead. Numerous SW-NE die scratches through the date. Die dent along the rim above the L in LIBERTY. Small, curved die gouge above the B in LIBERTY. Thin die scratch from the bottom of the B in LIBERTY to the area below the E.
Reverse: Strong horizontal die scratch from the A in STATES to the T. Die gouge inside the upper opening of the E in ONE. Multiple parallel die scratches through PLURIBUS.
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